Bridging the gap Between Data And Decision.

THE RA Mission statement

In today's highly competitive business environment, it is no longer acceptable to leave outcomes to chance or make "gut" decisions. Business strategy and investment decisions must be grounded in the most detailed and rigorous analysis available.

This is what Resonant Analytics provides - deep, sophisticated analysis of your business opportunities from the data up. We specialize in developing key business and marketing strategies based on your objectives and a detailed analysis of your underlying data.

We mine deeper into your business, product, and customer data to unearth insights that form the basis of your business and marketing strategy. The Resonant Analytics approach takes the guesswork out of the process and gets your organization from data to decision.

"The team at Resonant Analytics is expert in driving business solutions based on data analytics and customer insights. Through their unique approach we were able to significantly increase our marketing spend ROI and improve the customer experience."

Christopher Kelly | Senior Marketing Advisor, Health Care Companies


The RA Process

We start by developing a deep, detailed understanding of your market and business objectives. Then we dig into your available data stores to identify and discover meaningful information about your business operations and current marketing performance. Using sophisticated analytics, we can then develop critical insights that form the basis of your new approach to business strategy and decision-making.

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Business Objectives
Understand the client business objectives and the challenges they face in meeting those objectives.
Data Capture
Capture all available business and consumer data. Collect or append additional data as required.
Process & Normalize
Utilize Sophisticated Normalization and standardization of algorithms to process and cleanse the data for analytics and modeling.
Analytics & Insights
Execute detailed analytics to build a new understanding of the consumer and the business to create insights to identify new opportunities from the data up.
Strategy & Solutions
Develop marketing strategy and business solutions based on the insights generated.

The RA Difference

Today, most organizations have a business center and a statistical/analytics center. The analysts know the data, but lack the business understanding. Sales and marketing teams know their objectives, but can't always get the information they need to make informed decisions. Because these two groups speak different languages and approach problems in different ways, there is a gap between data and decision.

Resonant Analytics bridges that gap. Our professionals understand the power of analytics and sophisticated statistical analysis. We know how to work with data and apply these tools to solve real-world business problems. We then supply this insight to business leaders in a way that makes sense to them, in their own language, which allows for confident, informed strategy and concrete action.

At Resonant Analytics, we bridge the gap between data and decision.

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