Customer Data Integration

The technology and digital marketing experts at Resonant Analytics design database systems which allow efficient storage and retrieval of customer and client data from a unified customer view (UCV).

For many organizations, data sources include many types of data linkages simultaneously. This can cause your internal staff and vendors great difficulty with working in that kind of data environment.

Unified Customer View Allows for Efficient Storage and Data Retrieval

Resonant Analytics simplifies the data structure of your system into a unified customer view, rolling up multiple accounts and/or locations into a customer profile. The customer profile can then be leveraged for both strategic marketing and business planning.

We do not develop enterprise data warehouses. We design marketing databases to support:

  • Customer analytics
  • Program performance reporting
  • Scoring
  • Segmentation

Our processes focus on data standardization, address validation and verification, privacy and permissions management, and overall data hygiene.

Data Organization by Unified Customer View

The Unified Customer View is an analytics platform which creates a data integration schema for your customers and prospects. A data source integration process, SCV links together multiple data sources to provide a complete unified customer view of behavior and interactions with the client brand.

Data Sources include:

  • Billing and product
  • Sales staff automation
  • Third party firmographics
  • Web and event data

Data Source Integration

The key to gaining a true understanding and profile of your customer is to develop an integrated view of your information infrastructure and all relevant data sources available, and link them together at the customer level.

Resonant Analytics is expert at combing through client data stores and pulling together the most relevant and informative data sources. We then develop customized linkage keys so that those various data sources can be linked and integrated at the individual level, thus providing a comprehensive unified customer view (UCV) database.