Customer Relationship Management

The team of technology and marketing specialists at Resonant Analytics have built an industry reputation for developing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems you need to reach your marketing goals and objectives.

Segmentation and Profiling

Our analysts apply the most sophisticated and state-of-the-art processing to develop meaningful customer segmentation that will help you better understand you customer base. We then create actionable profiles of these consumer segments to improve targeting and communications to these customers.

Database Marketing and Targeting Strategies

We have a passion for the “test and learn” cycle in direct marketing and digital media. We build in testing as an integrated part of our planning process; it’s not thrown in as an afterthought. Rigorous test planning and execution saves time and money and delivers effective, actionable results. Optimization is the active outcome of a “test and learn” approach where programs are continually improved based on the best and latest information available.

Program Planning and CRM Analysis

An effective program plan is developed with the key business objectives in mind and with a performance analysis plan in place. When developing a program plan, determining how success will be measured and determined is a key part of the Resonant Analytics process. All programs include a post-program analysis report that details not only what happened, but what worked, what didn’t, and recommendations for improving the next program. Because program execution and planning is an ongoing cycle, our reporting infrastructure is designed to produce results quickly so they can be integrated into the planning cycle.

Research and Behavioral Segmentation

Resonant Analytics has pioneered a process for integrating research results with behavioral data. This process, which we call Brand Interaction Persona (BIP), allows us to build an insight into customer behavior that answers not just the “what” but the “why”, of how the customer interacts with your brand.