Marketing Dasboard

The technology and digital marketing experts at Resonant Analytics understand the information presented on a marketing dashboard development can help steer a marketing strategy in the right direction.

A Marketing Dashboard is a detailed graphical compilation of the important and useful information about your ongoing business marketing strategy. This data contains valuable information for marketing measurement processes that will show the best way to proceed with current and future digital marketing plans.

Marketing Dashboard Integrates Pertinent Marketing Data

The data displayed on your Marketing Dashboard can be analyzed and used to improve the decision making for your business’ digital marketing strategies.

  • Sheds light on crucial information that would be lost in the vast expanse of the internet.
  • Development of key performance metrics to measure and track all activities for marketing KPI’s.
  • Identify problems and opportunities through an in-depth business information analysis.

Enhance Organizational Performance

  • Provide insights for product development
  • Expand income opportunities
  • Measure and improve return on investments

User-Friendly Interactive Marketing Dashboard Reports

Monitor your Marketing Dashboard with user-friendly interactive reports designed to let marketing decision-makers intuitively make sense of the integrated marketing database that underpins the media mix solution.

A number of pre-built visualization screens allow comparison of business performance across markets, divisions and channels. Users can analyze marketing activities and how they correlate to business performance.

The Marketing Dashboard services from the technology and marketing experts at Resonant Analytics produce data governance reports designed to evaluate the effectiveness of historical marketing investments, and to review the statistical robustness of marketing-mix models (including effectiveness, efficiency, saturation curves etc.).

You are able to interrogate the media-mix models and understand drivers of business performance (due-to analyses), and ROI on marketing activities.