Prospect Analytics

At Resonant Analytics, our technology and marketing experts have developed effective methods for prospect identification and new customer acquisition through detailed Prospect Analytics and Targeting strategies.

We will help increase your response rates and reduce cost per acquisition with Prospect Analytics systems. Proper identification of your potential clients or customers using prospect modeling and prospect targeting practices can be the difference between success and failure.

Prospect Analytics Identifies Potential Customers

The digital marketing professionals at Resonant Analytics develop customer cloning models to identify prospects for your products and/or services. We will expand your prospect and customer universe (both digitally and physically), while increasing response rates, and lowering your cost per acquisition.

Resonant Analytics works with a number of third party list providers to bring our clients the most effective, high performance lists in the industry. We don’t just take lists and run standard criteria as filters; we develop sophisticated “cloning” models that allow us to identify prospects that mimic the behaviors and attitudes of your best customers resulting in list performance that the competition cannot touch.

Segmentation and Modeling

Segmentation is the practice of classifying a prospect into distinct groups. Predictive modeling forecasts future behaviors and assigns a score or ranking to each prospect that predicts their anticipated actions.

Both analytical tools are based on multi-dimensional prospect information such as:

  • Observed customer purchase and product usage behavior
  • Firmographic or demographic characteristics
  • Self-reported product/service preferences

At Resonant Analytics, we take the guesswork out of making important business strategy and investment decisions regarding the future direction of your marketing processes.

Our first objective is to understand your business objectives and marketing needs. We can then proceed to design a comprehensive Prospect Analytics strategy to meet those objectives and needs.