What We Do

At Resonant Analytics, we develop the systems and tools you need to meet your business objectives. Our team of expert designers and developers will work with you to create a comprehensive CRM structure to help expand and grow your business while continually improving your marketing performance.

We have developed a proven method to guide you toward making the best decisions that are right for business strategy and investment processes. The industry experts at Resonant Analytics will provide you with the most detailed and rigorous analysis available.

What We Do Starts with Knowing What You Do

Resonant Analytics takes the guesswork making important business strategy and investment decisions regarding the future direction of your marketing processes. We now live in a time where you no longer need to make gut decisions on the most crucial aspects of your business model.

Data Capture

Technology information specialists will capture all of your relevant business and consumer data. We will then collect or append additional data as required.

Process and Normalize

Utilize sophisticated normalization and standardization algorithms to process and cleanse the data for analytics and modeling.

Analytics and Insights

Execute detailed analytics to build a new understanding of consumers and businesses to create insights and identify new opportunities.

Strategy and Solutions

Develop marketing strategy and business solutions based on the insights generated.

Resonant Analytics Business Objectives

The approach at Resonant Analytics starts with you. We want to get to know you, understand your business objectives and the challenges you face in meeting those objectives.

Our technology and marketing professionals will get a complete understanding of your company so we know what you need and why you need it.

Most companies today have separate business and analytics centers, but these two groups don’t always speak the same language, which creates a sizable and potentially harmful gap between data collection, analysis, and utilization of the insights generated, and the decisions that come as a result.

At Resonant Analytics, we know how to work with data and apply it to solve real-world business problems. We can then supply insights to you in a way that makes sense, in your own language. This allows for confident, informed strategy and concrete action. We make it our priority to bridge that gap between data and decision.

Our professionals understand the power of analytics and sophisticated statistical analysis. We know how to work with data and apply these tools to solve real-world business problems. At Resonant Analytics, we bridge the gap between data and decision.

The Importance of Analytics

Don’t leave your important business strategy and investment decisions to chance. It is no longer acceptable or necessary to make gut decisions. The professionals at Resonant Analytics provide the most detailed and rigorous analysis available to help guide you toward making sound and informed decisions.

At Resonant Analytics, our first objective is to understand your business, its objectives and marketing needs. We can then proceed to design a comprehensive CRM structure that will meet those objectives and needs.


Continually Improving Your Marketing Performance

Our veteran designers and development teams have been at the forefront of the most dynamic changes in CRM program strategy and database marketing. We have been on the front lines of the technological breakthroughs that make us uniquely qualified to use the systems and processes to expand and grow your business, with the goal of continually improving your marketing performance.

The CRM programs designed and developed by the industry specialists at Resonant Analytics have had incredible successful working with Fortune 500 companies in a wide range of industries, including:

  • Bank Card
  • Consumer Package Goods
  • Financial Services
  • Medical Insurance
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Software
  • Transportation
  • Travel and Leisure
  • Utilities

RA Bridges Gap Between Data and Decision

The team of professional statisticians at Resonant Analytics deal with the raw mathematical concepts required to develop effective response models and customer segmentations. We can then apply these tools in your specific business environment to develop winning marketing strategies and value-added solutions for your company.

Most companies today have internal analytics teams within the IT or technical departments. These analysts can access data, performance analyses, and generate reports. Business and marketing teams know they need reliable data and analytics to make informed decisions, but can’t always get the information they need. The business and technical teams usually speak different languages and approach problem-solving in different ways. This creates a gap between access data and getting the market information needed to make informed business decisions. At Resonant Analytics, we have the ability to bridge the gap between data and decision.